Your survival guide to living in Pattaya Beach

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Without a doubt Pattaya Beach has an ample number of bars. Pattaya is in fact world renowned for its bars, with good reason. By my best guess I would say there are at least 3,000.  On any given day there could be as many as 50 new bars opening, with almost an equal number that close each and every day. Each and every bar has it's own personality, some are small and quiet while others are noisey with lots of music blaring away. There are many different types of bars, some are centered around pool leagues, some cater to ex-pats that just want to socialize with friends, while others have friendly staff that are all too happy to make you into a new friend.






 I personally don't live in the middle of the bar areas of Pattaya, but still have at least 5 within a very short walk of my apartment.

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