Your survival guide to living in Pattaya Beach

Buying a House or Condo

Buying a home in Pattaya can at times be a challenging task. Furthermore there can be some risks associated with the purchase of a house or condo here in the land of smiles. Firstly a foreigner cannot legally own land or a house in Thailand but a foreigner can own a condo. That said there are some ways a foreigner can own a controlling interest in a company that owns a house and land. There are also long term renewable leases from a Thai person or company that a foreigner can obtain.
    Condos can be owned by foreigners but there are a few stipulations to consider. For condo ownership by a foreigner to occur there must not be no more than 49 percent ownership in the building or project.

  • Use an agent to help you find just that right place, their services can be invaluable in new surroundings like Pattaya. If you know where you want to live and have the means to look around then you could save a little by doing it your self.
  • Bring a Thai friend to help you negotiate. ;=)
  • Try to call signs that are written in Thai, prices tend to be lower if you are looking on your own..
  • Avoid places near the tourist areas. A nice nolvety to be close to the action at first but soon gets old. You will also pay a premium

A few tips for you.

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